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Cancer diagnostics - Keeping targeted therapy on target

This webinar given by John Garratt, will cover how CPQA, Canadian Pathology Quality Assurance, assists labs to provide accurate biomarker testing by highlighting the breast cancer EQA program.

Panel discussion: Challenges associated with photonic instrumentation needed for COVID-19 diagnosis, treatment and prevention

Presented at Photonics West Preview 2021. In this panel discussion, we bring together a broad sampling of experts in fields that employ optics and photonic instrumentation with the purpose of generating thought-provoking discourse on challenges and efforts to fight the disease. Many of these efforts relate to specific applications of photonics that are making a difference including real-time PCR and spectrometer based molecular detection, antibody and antigen testing, X-ray and CT imaging, digital pathology and broader research applications like flow cytometry, genotyping and next generation sequencing for vaccine development and population studies.

Supporting the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic with photonics instrumentation

The global COVID-19 pandemic is the challenge of our time -- and in this webcast, we'll be learning about what photonics can do about it.

Panel discussion on the use of digital pathology for remote diagnosis

In this rapidly evolving healthcare landscape triggered by COVID-19, pathology, and remote diagnosis have been elevated to critical topics. Hamamatsu’s Scott Blakely will converse with Dr. Hanna and Stathonikos about overcoming the challenges associated with digital pathology implementation and the lessons learned during the process.

Raman spectroscopy - theory, practice and application

This webinar reviews the basic theory behind normal, resonant, and surface-enhanced Raman scattering; discusses the required hardware in a working Raman spectrometer; describes data analysis and presentation; and gives examples of common applications. In addition, it will examine some of the market challenges and solutions.

From mechanical to solid state LiDAR

This webinar discusses the physics principles, design challenges, and new developments of LiDAR.

Photodetection in flow cytometry

This webinar discusses the photodetector options for flow cytometry, their operation and performance, and how their characteristics affect scatter plots.

ToF & FMCW automotive LiDARs: design challenges and solutions

This webinar is intended to give a balanced overview of the involved technologies (light sources, beam steering, photodetectors) while pointing out their strengths and weaknesses. But it is not meant to predict the winners in the race to create the optimal LiDAR.

LiDAR and other technologies: Measuring distance with light for automotive industry

This webinar discusses methods of measuring distance with light that either are or have the potential to be employed by the industry.

LiDAR, radar, and cameras: Measuring distance with light in the automotive industry

This webinar discusses methods of measuring distance with light that either are or have the potential to be employed by the industry.

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