Photon Counting SNR Simulator

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) is a figure of merit that is used to describe how discernable the signal is from the noise.

In photon counting the SNR is calculated from the (Signal Counts)/ SQRT(2*Dark Counts + Signal). SNR degrades at high count rates due to pulse pileup.

To get started, enter values below to update the simulation.

This simulation should be regarded as a reference only, no guarantee of detector performance is implied by the results of this simulation.

Please contact our Applications Engineers by submitting a web inquiry or by calling the Hamamatsu technical support line for a more thorough and in-depth simulation and detector selection.

PMT Photon Counting Head Inputs:

MPPC (SiPM) or SPPC (SPAD) Counting Module Inputs:

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