Analog SNR Simulator

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) is a figure of merit that is used to describe how discernable the signal is from the noise. In principle SNR must be at least greater than 1 in order to measure an input.

To get started, enter values below to update the simulation.

This simulation should be regarded as a reference only, no guarantee of detector performance is implied by the results of this simulation.

Note that adjusting gain in practical use will result in changing the noise and sensitivity parameters of the detector. Large active areas collect more photons from diffused or isotropic light sources. These effects are not reflected in this simulation.

Please contact our Applications Engineers by submitting a web inquiry or by calling the Hamamatsu technical support line for a more thorough and in-depth simulation and detector selection.

PMT Inputs:

MPPC (SiPM) Inputs:

APD Inputs:

(1) Measured at the anode
(2) F_PMT = δdy1 / (δdy1 - 1) =
(3) F_MPPC = 1 + AP% / 1 + LN(1 - CT%) =
(4) F_APD = Gain^x =
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